About me

Hello! I am a senior news producer at CNN Digital. I lead a fantastic team of producers who shoot and edit digital video packages for all of CNN’s platforms, including desktop, mobile, social and streaming devices. My team covers everything from breaking news to investigative stories, producing quick mobile videos and longer, documentary-style pieces.

It’s hard to pick favorites from my team’s great work, but here are a few: The First Time I Realized I Was Black, where we asked prominent African Americans about the first time they realized their skin color affected how people saw or treated them. And “9/11: The day that never ends,” an interactive that repurposed archive material from a documentary made that day.

I’ve had a long and varied history with CNN. Before I joined the digital video team, I was a writer and producer for CNN Health, where I led the digital news desk’s coverage through the Ebola crisis. Before that I was an tech and entertainment reporter. I introduced live tweeting to CNN.com when I covered the 2009 Oscars in Los Angeles from the red carpet. I’ve written about light-hearted subjects like America’s obsession with country music. I investigated child prostitution in Georgia, Obamacare’s potential impact on the justice system and mysterious tourist deaths in Asia.

I still enjoy writing. I recently traveled to Flint to tell the story behind the city’s newest crisis, “It’s not just about the water.” And I’ve kept up my interest in health stories, profiling several people with rare diseases like Jasmin and Brynn.

On a personal level, I subscribe to more health magazines than I have room to store, and follow more fitness trends than I like to admit. While you’ll occasionally find me carrying cupcakes into the office to share, I am also the one sprinkling chia seeds into my Greek yogurt in the morning to test their brainpower boost.

Please take the time to check out my resume and examples of my work.

If you have any story tips send them my way!